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Newbie - Kinda ?!?! Sorry 4 the Rant!! [Dec. 7th, 2004|04:33 pm]
[mood |fat]
[music |Eminem - Ass Like That]

Hey People!

I dunno if y'all remember me, because i was here for a while, but then i gave up and decided that "hey, there's nothing wrong with being fat, and it's better to be fat than to be unhealthy and unhappy and hurting people, right?" ....... WRONG! Only a delusional fat person could come up with that kind of shitty logic, because, i'm happiest and healthiest when i'm THIN. Nothing makes me feel better than knowing that i haven't eaten or that light-headed sensation i get from exercising too much without food.

Now, once again i have the problems that i had before, concealing my actions has always been difficult, not to mention the fact that i am a fat cow with a complete inability to have self-control which inevitably leads to fasting, which only makes my binge even worse and then of course....the purge, which has become increasingly more difficult to do since my mother found out.

So, here i am again, back to square one, after reaching my HW of 140 again. I am unsure of my CW, as i've been too scared to step on the scales for fear of what it will say, until i restrict enough to feel comfortable about how much it tells me i still have to lose.

Stay strong girlies!
Well, i'll update soon, and wish me thin!
Nay xXx

[User Picture]From: shipandtravel
2005-11-03 06:29 am (UTC)
Hey, I'm pro-mia (trying pro-ana as well) and live in London.. anna email me? I'm 18 and female... girindisguise@web.de
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[User Picture]From: _ashtray_heart
2006-07-14 12:23 am (UTC)
um wow.
if you honestly beleive that the only way to be attractive and happy is to be thin. then you deserve to go through all that pain and suffering your doing to youreself.

if you have done some real research, starving yourself is just going to make you gain wieght faster. what your doing is putting your body on "survival mode" so when you finally eat, your body is going to cling on the every calorie, and every gram of fat for it's life.

the best thing to do is to eat healty an on a ergular basis. i'm 5'1 and i used to be 155 pounds, and i stuck to a healthy diet plan (wieght watchers..it ROCKS!) and now im 110 pounds and i cant be even happier about my wieght.

dont let celeberities get you down. your not angelina. bodies come in all shapes and sizes. you dont have to be 5'3 and 60 pounds to be beautiful.
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