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OH Yeah! - You'd Be Pretty If You Were Thin.... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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OH Yeah! [Jan. 7th, 2004|05:00 pm]
Okidokes, stepped on the scale this morning - 121.8 not bad! But wait - it gets better! Came home from school (only ate one thing today - a caramel slice - i know i shouldn't have but from tomoro it's apples only, besides, i'm not eating dinner today.) Anyhow, came home from school and the scale weighed me at 120.0! Wow - this is the lowest i've been like ever! (obviously i weighed a lot less before i hit puberty but i wasn't bothered by scales then!) I am SOOOOOOO psyched about this. And this was before i exercised! I'm glad about that 2 because, since my mother has to work late on Weds, she doesn't came home till like half five which means i can do my Aerobics, have a shower and a cigarette all before she gets home, SWEET! I am so psyched! My short term goal is to get down to 112 (8st). I haven't set an exact date for it, but now that i've started losing - there's no stopping me. I'm getting a LOT better at resisting the temptation to eat, so i can only go up (well, down on the scales) from here!

Off to shower now and revise for history exam (plus i have to line my dressing gown pockets with tissue so that i can hide my dinner in them!)

Bye bye!