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Current Height: 5ft 3 (short ass) Current Weight: 124lb (yuck)… - You'd Be Pretty If You Were Thin.... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jan. 22nd, 2004|09:59 am]
[mood |determined]
[music |Avril Lavinge - Naked]

Current Height: 5ft 3 (short ass)
Current Weight: 124lb (yuck)
Current BMI: 22
Lowest weight at current height: 120
Highest weight at current height: 140
STG Weight: 120 (again)
LTG Weight: 112 (but may become lower)
Pant size: UK12-14 (FAT COW)
Top size: UK 10-12

Have you ever been diagnosed with an eating disorder? Not clinically

How often do you weigh yourself? Whenever i can get on the scales without being caught. If i'm home alone then at least every hour

Have you cried after weighing yourself/trying on clothes? yup

The Perception

If you could change any body part(s), what would u change? assuming this doesn't include face:
upper arms
hands (fat fingers)

What body type do you have: short and fat, i.e. dumpy

How happy would you say you are with your body as it is right at this moment? uhh..not

Have you been made fun of because of your weight? by other people? no

Did it contribute to how you feel about yourself now? Nope, that's just me

Does it take you a long time to find something that looks halfway decent on you? that would imply that anything looks halfway decent on me....

If you could snap your fingers and make yourself any weight, what number would you choose? 108 would be nice

What celebrity, in your opinion, has the perfect body? umm... can't think @ the mo, but was watching The Simple Life the other day, and i have to agree with all the people that say that Paris Hilton is HOTT!

Other than physical appearance, how do you feel about yourself? pretty shitty at the moment

Do you think you'd be happier about yourself if you were comfortable with your weight? i'd be less depressed...

Choose: The "perfect" body or inner peace? "The perfect body. since they come hand in hand..." - I have to agree